MEE Photography

The Single Most Important Investment Your Business Can Make

Branding photography has become a large portion of my workload within the last few months and at first, to be candid, I struggled with the concept.  I am so accustomed to capturing the emotion, the passion, and the feelings during the time spent shooting with my clients.  I worried my images would lack that vibe that came so naturally when capturing a typical lifestyle session. I was sooooo wrong.  It took no time at all to discover that when a bus...

The Colonel & I

It was late in the Summer of 2018 when I started to put my mind toward ideas for a unique Autumn Mini Session.  As a photographer, it is sometimes difficult to come up with ideas that are different – after all – Autumn is to photographers what tax season is to accountants.  I spent hours thinking and brainstorming; bouncing ideas off of family and friends.  In the end, I happened to come upon an ad for The Colonel, a mustard-yellow retro Volksw...

I Can't Do Wedding Photography!??! Or Can I?

When this crazy little idea of a spot to display my work started to transform into an actual business prospect, one of my biggest fears was wedding photography.  So much so that I quickly would refer friends off to other photographers, even for their wedding dates scheduled long off in the distance, in order to avoid the overwhelming anxiety of capturing one of the biggest days in a human’s life.  But after a lot of encouragement from those around...

Anderson Craft Ale Turns 2!

Who doesn't LOVE craft beer ... and birthdays!??!   August 25th saw two of my favourites combined when Anderson Craft Ale threw an epic parking lot party to celebrate their second birthday.  Live music, local vendors, delicious food, parking lot dancing and ice cream supplied by the London Ice Cream Company - it doesn't get much better than that!  I had an awesome time wandering the party, capturing candid photos of the excitement, both inside an...

Beach Mini Sessions

2018 was ABSOLUTELY the Summer of the Beach Mini Session!  During the months of July and August, I blazed a clear path between London and a quiet public beach at Port Stanley capturing maternity, family and product/promotional sessions.  I spent hours splashing in the water, making castles in the sand and soaking in every last drop Summer 2018 had to offer!  What a fabulous way to see the sun set on an amazing Summer!

Beauty + Strength

Have you ever felt like you were EXACTLY where you should be in any given moment?   Like EXACTLY the right place? A few weeks ago, I had that moment…while up to my thighs in the deep, cold Thames River just outside of London.  While I can understand that this may seem like a very odd place to have an “ah-ha” moment, it did, indeed, happen. As I tromped around, being mindful that at any time I could lose my footing and end up completely subm...

A Grad Girls’ Project

It was a few months ago that Charissa, owner of Crushed with Love, approached me to take part in what would be the first Grad Girls’ Project.  An incredible concept, the Project saw a host of locally owned businesses linking together to provide two low-income graduating girls with a day fit for a princess. Donations included products such as corsages and jewelry as well as services provided by a complete glam squad (hair, makeup, nails). I captured...

Oh, hey there!

“Well, to be honest, I picked my camera up, dusted it off, and just jumped.”   This is the answer I often give when I’m asked exactly how I got started in photography.  Never far from my mind, I often studied photographs within magazines, websites and even stylized social media accounts, paying particular notice, subconsciously even, to composition, lighting and subject matter – pouring over even the smallest of details.   It was late 201...

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